Find the best Umrah agency from Barguna

Are you looking for the best Umrah agency from Barguna? Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela is your ideal choice. They provide excellent services, including easy visa processing, comfortable accommodations, and reliable transportation. With experienced guides and great customer support, Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela ensures a smooth and spiritually enriching Umrah experience. Choose them for a hassle-free and memorable pilgrimage.

best Umrah agency from Barguna

Brief overview of Barguna

Barguna is a coastal district in the Barisal Division of Bangladesh. Known for its scenic beauty and natural resources, the Bay of Bengal borders it to the south. The district is primarily agricultural, with rice, jute, and betel leaf being the main crops. Barguna's rivers and canals also make it an important area for fishing and aquaculture. The district's rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes make it a unique and vibrant part of Bangladesh.

Requirements for Umrah visa

For the Umrah visa, several documents are required. Here we mentioned the requirement list. Ensure all documents meet Saudi Arabian regulations for a smooth application process:

  • Two Copies of PP size recent photographs.
  • Valid passport with a six-month validity period
  • Govt authorized documents between female pilgrims and their ‘mahram’ (partner/brother/father).
  • Health certificate

Why choose Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela?

Choosing Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela means opting for a well-organized, comfortable, and fulfilling Umrah journey from Barguna.

  • Wide Range of Packages: Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela offers a variety of Umrah packages tailored to different budgets and needs, ensuring every pilgrim can find a suitable option.
  • Experienced Guides: Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of their experienced guides, who assist with every step of the pilgrimage, ensuring that rituals are performed correctly and meaningfully.
  • Effortless Visa Processing: The agency manages all aspects of visa processing, making the application process straightforward and stress-free for pilgrims.
  • Quality Accommodations: Enjoy comfortable and conveniently located accommodations near the holy sites in Mecca and Medina, providing ease and comfort throughout your stay.
  • Reliable Transportation: Hijaz Hajj & Umrah Kafela offer organized and dependable transportation services, ensuring smooth travel between cities and holy sites.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Known for its excellent customer service, the agency provides continuous support before, during, and after the pilgrimage, addressing any concerns and ensuring a smooth experience.
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Available Umrah Packages from Barguna

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Plan your Umrah and Ziyarah. Our upcoming Umrah packages will encompass a range of options, including economy and premium packages, designed to accommodate various budgets and preferences.

After Hajj Economy Umrah Package
  • Price IconPrice ৳1,30,000 included Food
  • Price IconPrice ৳1,20,000 Food not included
  • Time IconTime & Duration30/31 Jul - 12/13 Aug 2024 - 14 days
  • Bed IconHotel Makkah Standard Hotel | Distance 0-500m
  • Bed IconHotel Madinah Standard Hotel | Distance 0-400m
  • Flight IconFlights Up Transit - Gulf Air
    Dhaka - Bahrain - Jeddah
  • Flight IconFlights Down Transit - Gulf Air
    Madinah - Bahrain - Dhaka
  • Food IconFood Included/Excluded
  • Zyara IconSpecial Services Ziyara + Guide + Da'e
5/5 (88 Reviews)
Premium Umrah Package Hudaybiya
  • Price IconPrice ৳1,60,000 included Food
  • Price IconPrice ৳1,50,000 Food not included
  • Time IconTime & Duration15th Aug - 27th Aug 2024 - 13 days
  • Bed IconHotel Makkah Three Star Hotels | Distance 300-400m.
  • Bed IconHotel Madinah Three Star Hotels | Distance 0-150m.
  • Flight IconFlights Up Direct - Saudi Airlines, Dhaka - Jeddah
  • Flight IconFlights Down Direct - Saudi Airlines, Madinah - Dhaka
  • Food IconFood Included
  • Zyara IconSpecial Services Ziyara + Guide + Da'e
5/5 (88 Reviews)
On Demand
Customized Umrah Package
  • Price IconPrice Starts from ৳1,40,000
  • Time IconTime & DurationCustom
  • Bed IconHotel Makkah Custom
  • Bed IconHotel Madinah Custom
  • Flight IconFlights Up Direct/Transit
  • Flight IconFlights Down Direct/Transit
  • Food IconFood Breakfast, Lunch & dinner - (*)
  • Zyara IconSpecial Services Ziyara + Guide + Da'e
5/5 (88 Review)
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Apply for an Umrah visa and experience the hassle-free journey to the city of Makkah.