Hajj pre-registration 2025 process from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pre-registration for the Hajj in 2024 is already complete.

Register for Hajj 2024 right away to be the first to receive all the information you need! The order of reservations for all Hajj 2024 packages is first come, first served.

We are still pre-registering pilgrims for the Hajj in 2025. Please complete the form to request a price quote for the possible best Hajj packages in 2024.

Hajj - pre-registration system

To work with the Saudi "e-Hajj system," a pre-registration system for Hajj pilgrims has been established. On behalf of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Business Automation Ltd. is offering IT assistance during the pre-registration process. Any system enhancements or technical changes will be announced via a notification on the Hajj website.

The pre-registration system must be activated before processing any licenses, and more than one license cannot be processed using the same email that the Hajj agencies have provided to the Hajj office for their license.

The original users must be taken into account separately for the server because the user and database of the training server are unrelated to those of the original server. All of you should cooperate in order for the pre-registration process to be successful.

Apply for Hajj pre-registration Bangladesh 2025

Pre-registration for the Hajj in 2024-25 from Bangladesh has not yet been given specified dates or conditions. Closer to the time of pre-registration, it is advised that you stay informed via official channels and get in touch with your neighborhood Hajj travel agent for further details.

Hajj pre-registration application from Bangladesh!

Please be aware that at this time, we are only accepting pre-registrations for the hajj in 2024-2025-2026 from Bangladesh. If you're preparing to register for the hajj in 2024-2025-2026, fill out the form below and wait for an answer.

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