Sacred journeys: Unveiling the spiritual essence of Umrah

Umrah has become an important adjunct to spiritual practice for Muslims around the world. It is not simply a journey through spending money or time. It sows the seeds of massive changes in the human body and soul. This tour and additional activities create a wonderful opportunity to express the spirit of devotion and surrender in the human mind by observing and witnessing the symbols of Allah. So this journey can be defined as a spiritual and secret journey.

Benefits of Umrah

A short brief of Umrah

Umrah is the name of performing Tawaf of Baitullah in the state of Ihram, circumambulating Safa-Marwa, and then getting rid of Ihram by shaving the head. In other words, Umrah means circumambulating Baitullah and doing Sa'i between Safa and Marwa, and the difference between Hajj and Umrah is that Umrah can be performed by a person many times at any time throughout the year, but Hajj can be performed by a person only once in a year.
short brief of Umrah

Every action of Umrah has its own spiritual essence

Every act of Umrah has spiritual essentials. Below is a brief description of it:

A journey to respond to his majesty's call

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.), the father of the Muslim nation, along with his son Hazrat Ismael (A.S.) rebuilt the Kaaba on the instructions of Almighty Allah. Then he stood on the top of Abu Qubays hill and issued the invitation of Hajj on behalf of Allah by Allah's command.

The invitation of Ibrahim (A.S.) was immediately conveyed to the people all over the world by tha Almighty Allah. By His spirit, people from all over the world respond to the call and say "Labbaika Allahumma Labbaik". Since then, this journey to the Kaaba has continued.

A study of the exegesis of the Holy Qur'an and historical texts reveals a clear picture of the beginning of Hajj and Umrah and the involvement of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) in this event. It is essential for a Hajj and Umrah traveler to take to heart the principles underlying Hajj and its beneficial and extensive results.

All the travelers on the holy path

Almighty Allah created man and jinn for His worship. Through this worship, servitude, and obedience the creation attains closeness to the Creator. Umrah is also one of the best ways to get close to Allah. Believers around the world observe this provision in relation to his guidance. Repeated journey of this holy path keeps people free from sins. Removes the exploitation of human hearts.

Realization of visit to historical memorials

Umrah is referred to as 'al-Hajjul Asghar' or 'the small Hajj'. The literal meaning of which is to visit or journey. In the rites of Umrah, an Umrah traveler completes the obligatory acts of Ihram, Tawaf of the Baytullah or the holy Kaaba, Safa-Marwa Sa'i, and shaving the head or cutting the hair short.

Moreover, in this sacred journey, he was able to understand the history of the reconstruction of the Holy Ka'ba, the historical significance of Sa'i in Safa-Marwa, the history of the cavity of Zamzam, the prayer of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) for the settlement of Makkah, etc.

In addition, Umrah pilgrims become interested in praying for the imminence of Almighty Allah by observing various historical illustrations including Hazr al-Aswad, Maqam Ibrahim, Hijr or Hatim area, Arafat, Mina, Muzdalifah.

Ihram: The first lesson of spirituality

Umrah travelers perform Umrah by wearing Ihram clothes. He is appearing in the court of his great Lord. So he will prepare himself with utmost care for the holy work in the holy place. Before Ihram, he can take a bath and apply good perfume.

As if the devotee is going to the presence of the dearest. Dressed in the white costume of Ihram, the Umrah traveler renounces materialism and all trappings of worldly status. This simple garment serves as a symbol of the mutual equality of believers and a reminder of the transitory nature of life.

Talbiya: Everything is temporal except Allah

The words uttered by Umrah travelers wearing Ihram clothes are 'Talbiya'. Freeing himself from all the preoccupations of the world, he announces his presence. He is praising the Almighty Allah. He declares that all blessings and dominion belong to Him alone, and He has no sharer in it. He is announcing- I am present, O True God! I am present.

Spirituality of Tawaf

By Tawaf of the holy Ka'ba, the Umrah-performer gains important virtues. His sins are forgiven. Good deeds are given at every step. The Umrah traveler seeks only the pleasure of his master to attend his court. Tawheed is his whole being. therefore,

In the last two rak'ahs of Tawaf, the recitation of Surahs based on Tawheed from Rasulullah (PBUH) is found. At this time, the prayer of the Umrah traveler is only for the satisfaction of Allah and the effort to become His beloved servant.

Proclamation of Allah's greatness while performing Sa'i in Safa and Marwa

It is a legislative duty for Umrah travelers. The relationship that is created here between servant and master. In addition to expressing the greatness of Allah, Umrah pilgrims can make all the prayers in their hearts. We can understand this from the ideals of Rasulullah (PBUH).

Head shave

The last act of the Umrah ritual is to shave the head or cut the hair short. Through this the Umrah journey completes the formalities of the journey.

Umrah Satisfaction.

Umrah Satisfaction

Last words

A person gives priority only to attaining the pleasure of Allah. Beyond the physical and financial costs, Umrah is a sacred journey of the heart. It is a journey of self-discovery, introspection, and forgiveness. Umrah travelers detach from the various preoccupations of their daily lives and focus their energies on purifying their intentions and connecting with their Creator.

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