Ahmad Mustafa

Designation: Chief Imam

Job Place: North Rajabari Shahi Jame Mosque

Ahmad Mustafa

About: Currently, he is the Chief Imam at North Rajabari Shahi Jame Mosque. His educational background includes achieving top grades in various Islamic disciplines, and his fluency in Arabic, Urdu, and Bengali enhances his ability to connect with diverse communities.

Skills & Experiences:

January 2022 - Present

North Rajabari Shahi Jame Mosque

Chief Imam

January 2019 - December 2021

Halima Islamic Center

Muhtamim and Chief Imam


  • Ifta
    Institution: Darul Uloom Harunia Madrasa, Tongi
    Grade: A (Jayyid Jiddan - First Division)
  • Takhasus Fil Fiqh
    Institution: Mujibnagar Gauhata Madrasa
    Grade: A (Jayyid Jiddan - First Division)
  • Jalalain
    Institution: Mardonatul Uloom Madrasa, Tongi
  • Takmil Fil Hadith (Daura Hadith)
    Institution: Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka
    Grade: A (Jayyid Jiddan - First Division)
  • Hifzul Quran
    Institution: Hifzul Quran Madrasa, Old Dhaka
    Grade: A+ (Mumtaz)
  • General Education (Secondary School Certificate)
    Institution: Tongi Islamia Senior Madrasa
    Grade: A

Language Proficiency:

  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Bengali (Fluent in all)

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