Mawlana Abu Zafar

Designation: Director

Company: Chairman Hajj Kafela, Haziganj, Chandpur

Mobile: 01613119652

Mawlana Abu Zafar

About: Maulana Abu Zafar Siddiqui is a respected community leader, who held the position of Chairman at No. 6 Barakul East Union Parishad in Hajiganj, Chandpur, for 14 years. He was recognized as the "Best Chairman" and received a gold medal from Greater Comilla, distinguishing him among the top chairpersons in Bangladesh. His active engagement in Hajj and Umrah activities since 2001 underscores his commitment to public service.

Skills & Experiences:

6 No. Barakul East Union Parishad, Hajiganj, Chandpur

Ex-Awarded Best Chairman

Al Kawsar School Hajigonj, Hajiganj, Chandpur

Former Head Teacher

Chairman Hajj Kafela, Haziganj Chandpur



  • Dakhil
    Board: Bangladesh Madrasah Board
    Year: 1982
  • Alim
    Board: Bangladesh Madrasah Board
    Year: 1984
  • Fazil
    Year: 1986
  • Kamil
    Year: 1988
  • BA
    Year: 1989

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