Mufty Ayanuddin Qasimi

Designation: Imam And Khatib

Company: Jamia Muhammadia , Dhaka

Contact No: 01758563302

Mufty Ayanuddin Qasimi

About: Mufty Ayanuddin Qasimi Began His Education With Islamic Schooling Which He Successfully Completed In 2014, Securing 1stClass InDawrae Hadith (Masters) And Iftah Examination Held On Subsequently In 2011 & 2013 Under Bangladesh QaumiMadrasha Education Board. Later He Got Admitted To The DarulUloomDeoband, India Where He Studied Dawrae Hadith (Masters). Mufti AynuddinQasimi S Research Interests Centred On Classical Exegesis Of The Quran, Hadith &Fiqhe. , He is serving as a 'Shariah Consultant' with the Hajj and Umrah group. Now he is performing with Hijaz Hajj and Umrah Kafela as a guide.

Skills & Experiences:

Jamia Muhammadia, Dhaka

Mufti And Muhaddith

Madina Vila Jame Masjid, Rayerbag

Imam And Khatib


  • Dawrae Hadith (Masters)
    Institution: Darul Uloom Deoband
    Passing Year: India-2014
  • Iftah-Jamia Muhammadia
    Institution: Hajigonj Model University College.
  • Dawrae Hadith (Masters)
    Institution: Jamia Muhammadia, Dhaka-2011

Language Proficiency:

  • Bangla
  • English
  • Arabic

Travel History:

  • India

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